Why Aren't All Homes Built This Way?

14 Features Bigelow Offers That Others Don’t

  1. Curved Shower Rods
    There's a reason why quality hotels across America have curved shower rods. With more space to move around while you're showering without constantly rubbing up against the walls and shower curtain, the added touch of a curved shower rod creates a more comfortable, generous shower space.
  2. Continuous Mechanical Ventilation
    Your new home comes equipped with a whole-house ventilation system which is constantly exhausting stale air from your home and replacing it with clean, fresh air to breathe. Healthier air means a healthier you. Compact Fluorescent Lighting Way before there was talk of banning incandescent light bulbs from being manufactured, Bigelow was using them in our homes. They last 8 times longer and save 75% on lighting cost. Incandescent bulbs give off 4 times as much heat, so you also save a lot on air conditioning. Kind of a “no-brainer” when you think about it.
  3. The New Great Room
    The new Great Room is open "core" space where everyone can be engaged in one large area–an expansive, central room for daily life, which is also perfect for entertaining. The new Great Room combines the functions of the family room and dining area into a unified space that is almost totally open to the kitchen, which is the heart of the house where we all want to hang out. A large center island or peninsula provides the gathering focal point. Gone are the cubicles of the past. The walls have come down to create this great informal living space at the heart of the home. It feels larger and more open to the outside with much more natural daylight. It's the way we live today – casually, simply, and spontaneously.
  4. Large Equal-Sized Top and Bottom Sash Windows
    The windows in most new homes have an awkward, uneven look to them. That's because the top window panel is larger than the bottom panel. Equally proportioned windows are more pleasing to the eye and a lot more architecturally harmonious.
  5. Large Closet Openings with Bi-fold Doors
    Full width bi-fold doors provide full access to the ends of the closet, and when open, the doors do not project far out into the room. Bigelow's closets provide much more convenience and usable space, creating a bedroom that "lives" much larger.
  6. Raised Windows
    By raising the height of your home's windows, more light can penetrate deeper into the rooms, filling your home with plenty of natural light. Additionally, by raising the window, you have greater flexibility in where you can place your furniture.
  7. Light Shelves
    The light shelf keeps the heat of the sun out of the room while drawing the light deep into the room, so the glare and discomfort of direct sunlight are eliminated while the amount of light is increased. They look cool and keep you cool.
  8. Texas-Sized Showers
    The saying, "everything is bigger in Texas" is true, except when you're talking about shower stalls. Most showers stalls are 36", whereas Bigelow's are 48" or 60" – large enough to move around in and large enough to get out of the shower stream.
  9. Large Front Porches
    Front porches should not be unusable, nostalgic imitations of the past. Porches of the past were designed for real, outdoor living; they were big enough for relaxing, dining, entertaining, and even an afternoon nap. Bigelow's porches still are.
  10. U Room
    The U Room is an extra room for whatever U want to use it for. The U Room usually has door options that enhance its flexibility. U fill in the blank: I always wanted a place to ____.
  11. Family Entry
    In most homes the family enters the home from the garage right into a major room of the house. There's no place for stuff. That is impractical and nonfunctional. Our homes include a family entry, a transitional space between indoors and outdoors where your family can remove their coats and shoes without cluttering up the house.
  12. Guaranteed Cooling Costs
    Okay, we actually do know why other builders don't guarantee your cooling costs. It's because they‘d go bankrupt! Bigelow Homes is able to guarantee that your cooling costs will be less than $400 per year. We are the only builder in the nation who has guaranteed air conditioning costs for 30 years straight.
  13. Duct System within Conditioned Space
    Have you ever noticed that blast of hot air when your air conditioning goes on? That's because the ducts are in the attic. If you think it gets hot outside in the summer you should see how hot it is in your attic. Unfortunately, that is where other builders put the ductwork that supplies your home with air conditioning. Not only is it horribly inefficient, but it can also lead to mold issues, due to excessive condensation. Bigelow installs the ductwork within the conditioned space of your home which is one of the reasons why our homes are so energy-efficient and so comfortable.

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