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Green Building: Going…Going…Green!

Perry Bigelow - The Way Neighborhoods Were Meant To Be

Perry Bigelow - Spirituality of SustainabilityThis is the second device we use - a safety platform combined with a neckdown. It has a design speed of 12mph according to the Netherlands street design manual.

Perry Bigelow - Spirituality of SustainabilityThis is the third device - neckdowns combined with sharp offsetting turns at each end of each Neighborhood Park.

6. PACE, the provider of public suburban transportation, has collaborated in the design so that HomeTown will be served on the inside with public bus transit with connections to RTA commuter trains, major employment centers, and major commercial centers.

7. HomeTown uses native grasses and landscape materials where possible to minimize maintenance, watering, fertilizer, pesticides, fungicides, and herbicides.

8. And at HomeTown all construction waste is recycled.


The Basic Approach - Synergistic Systems approach: 1+1=3

  A. Synergy: Each subsystem accomplishes multiple objectives

  B. Developed structural, insulation, and heating systems that don't significantly add to the cost of structure, but on net save a lot of heating cost.

  C. Heating/Cooling System Design
    I. Calculate all the heat losses for each major building component

    II. Use Architectural Energy Corp. REM Design computer program.

    III. REM also projects annual heating and cooling costs.

    IV. REM also lets us quickly determine the effect of changing component specifications.

  D. Method: Reduce all components of heat loss:
    I. Simultaneously

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