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The last time that the Metropolitan Mayor's Caucus visited HomeTown Aurora we were just beginning to understand the positive cash flow implications of HomeTown to municipalities and school districts. In the last two years we have commissioned several studies that have corroborated that early evidence and made the assertion indisputable that HomeTown Aurora does provide net economic advantages to municipalities and school districts. Today I want to share this information with you in detail. In order to overcome the tax cap problem of not being able to raise taxes to cover increased costs, many communities are considering imposing impact fees on development. The problem with impact fees is that 20 years from now Chicagoland will be like Southern California where people spend up to 70% of their income on housing expense. Think about that. Is that really what we want for our children when there is a much better alterative? The alterative is to build diverse communities that mirror the present American family type makeup. These demographically diverse communities more than pay for themselves without impact fees and get around the problem of the tax cap. So today I want to encourage you to...

Think Differently...
to Think Creatively.

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