What factors should I consider before looking?

Choosing A Neighborhood

In many ways the neighborhood you decide to build in is even more important than the home you chose to live in. Here are some questions to ask yourself:

  1. How does the streetscape look? As you drive down the street, does it look more like a row of garages or homes?
  2. Are there parks, walking paths, and other open areas outside for recreation?
  3. Are there a variety of home styles, or does every home look the same?
  4. Can you see yourself living there? Do you feel as though you belong there?
  5. Proximity to work centers, highways, public transportation and other transit will have a great impact on your quality of life. Are there paths of travel convenient for you?
  6. Basic services should be easily accessible, like grocery stores, restaurants, post offices, and dry cleaners. What services are in your new neighborhood?
  7. Hospitals and medical care should be within a reasonable driving distance. In case of emergency, what medical offices are close by?

Above all, look for a friendly neighborhood that instantly makes you and your family feel welcome.

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Alex, New Home Specialist

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