New Home vs. Used Home

Should I look for a new home or a used home?

Technology, Technology, Technology!
Often, the charm that an older home may have is overshadowed by the amount of work that it takes to sustain that charm. An older home most likely comes with an older roof, an old furnace, inefficient energy components, and outdated plumbing and electrical systems. You need to remember that homes that were built years ago were only built with technology that was available at that time. Think of all of the new innovations that have come along in just the last several years, Just with the advent of the internet alone, home wiring systems of yesterday have virtually become functionally obsolete. With your new Bigelow home, you are ensured that all of the components and materials that are used to build your home are cognate with the current technologies offered today.

There's no place like someone else's home?
Unless you have the exact same lifestyle and tastes as the strangers who lived in your home before you, you will likely have to make sacrifices to the way you live. Used homes are designed for the lifestyles of the people who used to live there. Depending on how old the home is, those differences could be drastic. Have you ever walked through an old home and peeked into one of the tiny closets that were commonplace back then and thought to yourself, "Did people not wear clothes before my time?" As times change, so do lifestyles. And as lifestyles change, so do designs and decorating trends. How families lived fifty years ago is significantly different than how they live today. Whether it be the need for larger closets, an attached 2-car garage, or just being able to chose the colors and options that reflect your personality, building your very own home has it's advantages.

My Neighbors… My Friends.
Unless you are the type of person who never leaves the house, moving into a newly built neighborhood is the way to go if you want to make friends. What makes it different than moving into an older neighborhood? In an older neighborhood, everyone is already established. In some ways, you may be viewed as an outsider. Friendships have already been made and you are the new kid on the block. In a new neighborhood, the people are new, too. Instantly, you and all of your new neighbors will have something in commonÉ you're new to the area. Additionally, HomeTown communities are specifically designed to cultivate relationships. Everything

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