Bigelow Home Buyer Testimonials

Charlene was wonderful throughout the sales process. She kept us in the loop about our home and made sure we were involved and knowledgeable of the process. The process of purchasing our first home was very smooth and even enjoyable! Even the construction team was great about assuaging our concerns during the walk through and rectifying any minor issues before we gained occupancy. We are grateful to the team for a smooth experience and are very happy with our home.
- Happy Homeowner in Plum Creek

It was the easiest build, and easiest move I have ever had and I have had about 6 homes.
- Joleen B.

I am very thankful with all the team but especially with Charlene (sales lady), For all the work through the process and friendly and courteous service. We are very happy with our new home and community.
- Ruth P.

Beautiful, built extremely well from slab up, and I feel blessed to have an energy efficient, quality home in a unique spot for a great price!
- Gwendolyn K.

Charlene is number 1. Jack and Brad are great and very understanding and accommodating. Will definitely recommend Bigelow to anyone looking to build. Workmanship is excellent.
- Michael C.

I love the design of my new home. It feels very solid and well-constructed.
- Happy Homeowner in Plum Creek

Charlene from the sales office, is amazing!! The company is blessed to have her. She's honest, and she cares. She's great. Susan from the builders office/warranty is also amazing. She responds fast and gets things done.
- Happy Homeowner in Creekside

Everyone was fabulous! I do not think we could have found a better home / area / builder...this place just fits us so well. I LOVE the home, more and more each day, and the process was really not at all as difficult as we had assumed. Jack was super great about answering calls even though we moved in the week of Thanksgiving. Charlene was very helpful as well and let us walk though all available homes more than once before making our decision. She was quick to respond to calls or emails during the holiday week as well! I still think using the adjacent house as a fence line is slightly odd, but it did force us to go and meet our neighbors (who are just lovely), so perhaps it is building community! I am excited for the rest of the development to get finished as it means more walking trails! I just love it! It fits everything we had wanted and I have already gotten so many compliments from friends and family.
- Juan S.

I had been looking for a home near my daughter and her family who live in Southwest Austin. Austin was too expensive for me, so I kept looking and expanded into Buda and Kyle. I found my home advertised for a price I could afford. It allowed me to downsize (smaller house and yard) and had courtyard in the front and garage in the back; a design I like. My house gives me many upgrades that I didn’t have in my family home of 30-years. I have a large bedroom with a large closet. I have a 2nd bedroom that I can use as an office. I have a guest bathroom, a nice kitchen, granite counters in kitchen and bathrooms, a front porch (which I was looking for) and a patio on the side of the house. Very happy all around.
- Joan Y.

It was a great experience. I had previously built another house in another location within Texas, and Bigelow Homes were much more organized and a much smoother process. The design center was great and everything was organized.
- Happy Homeowner in Plum Creek

Happy - happy - happy - keep up the good work.
- Happy Homeowner in Plum Creek

Bigelow gives homeowners the opportunity to purchase an environment-friendly home; both the construction and the living in it save trees, energy, and human health. Mine was the first new home I've ever walked into that wasn't full of overpowering toxic fumes! Watering my just-installed grass, trees, and shrubs, two toads were happily catching insects. These things are proof that Bigelow's buildings and construction methods are planet-friendly.
- Donna C.

All staff has been very nice and friendly. Very helpful when answering questions or suggestions, any and all issues were resolved immediately. The entire experience was incredibly smooth, and beyond my expectations. Thank you Bigelow!!!!!
- Nazareth M.

We are extremely pleased with Bigelow homes. We've been recommending you to friends and family and even blogged about your great work. The home is beautiful and as we expected.
- Eugene E.

Very pleased with all areas of sale, building stage, and delivery. Good job guys!!
- Toney and Carolyn Q.

Excellent from start to finish. Charlene, Brad, and Jack were great.
- Jason D.

Charlene was extremely helpful. She did everything she could to make the buying process smooth!
- Adrian and Gloria L.

The house is perfect. Charlene Epps is fantastic!
- Theresa S.

The home is beautiful. We are very pleased!
- Connie and Fathom C.

Incredible energy efficient upgrades, great service, and caring staff.
- Happy Homeowner in Plum Creek

I believe that the HomeTown subdivision is one of the best I've seen. It is so inviting to everyone that visits me. They always ask, "are they still building and can I see a model?" The neighborhood is beautifully arranged with landscaping, the pond, the ducks, and the friendly atmosphere.
- J. Club

Bigelow Homes made buying and building a home as stress free as I could have ever imagined. We have raved about how wonderful Mary and Chad have been. Both are such an asset to Bigelow. We recommend often.
- Jane K.

Bigelow Homes and HomeTown Aurora were a pleasure to buy from.
- Perry T. & Rebecca E.

Having never bought a house - or really entertained the idea before finding the Bigelow website - I didn't know what to expect. The process was never stressful or confusing. The sales staff always had time for questions and general conversation. I have recommended them to everyone I meet! I love our home. It's exactly what I wanted.
- J. Jensen

We are first time homebuyers and Bigelow made our experience a positive one.
- Christin & Josh S.

We love our house. It is above and beyond our expectations. The quality of the construction is better than the homes twice the price across the street. Thank you Bigelow!
- F. Mulligan

We love our new home and the community and definitely would recommend Bigelow to a friend. We are very pleased with the finished product and feel we own a quality home.
- Valerie V.

Bigelow Homes made our first time buying a home a great experience!
- Mr. & Mrs. Mesner

We had looked at homes for over a year and a half. HomeTown Aurora was the first and last homes we looked at. We felt like we came back home. Continue the wonderful work you're doing. We love our new home.
- Marsha & Sherman C.

Mary May in the sales office was great! Very helpful and willing to go the extra mile to keep me informed of my home progress. Brenda in construction was helpful with the walk thru and 30 day evaluation.
- J. Jacobs


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